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Your clients hire you, not your brokerage.
Does your commission split reflect that?
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FairLead Difference
FairLead was founded on the mission to enable real estate professionals to independently operate, market and increase the bottom line of their business through a 100% commission model and 24/7 technology suite to support you and your business.

While the real estate industry is ever evolving, one fact remains constant: you are the reason your clients want to work with you, not your brokerage. Regardless of experience level, this will never change. We believe in the power of relationships at FairLead, and value the ability to choose how you want to do business. With transparency in our no-hidden fees model, we focus on empowering you through a modern, technology-forward approach that will evolve with you and the times in which you operate.

Co-founded and operated with entrepreneurially-minded individuals, we know that, without our clients, we are nothing - so we’re here to empower you. For good.
PURE 100% Commission Model
FairLead guarantees one monthly membership fee that allows you to keep 100% of your commission for every transaction made by you. No splits. No hidden fees. Just business done, your way. Choose from one of our three membership options that meets your needs best.
Greater Value For Greater Return
Our mission is to empower real estate professionals to maximize their bottom line so they take home more for them and their families without having to take on more work with their clients. For as little as $1,188/year, you receive 100% of your commission with 24/7 support.
Work Your Way
We at FairLead understand that real estate isn’t done at a desk in a cubicle. Our agents are entrepreneurs, client facing, growing business and closing deals on the road, in coffee shops, at airports. Our 24/7 virtual support empowers without hindering your growth.
Flexible Tech Made Easy
We understand that our agents are not experts in graphic design, email marketing or web development. That’s why we have adopted a technology-forward approach and suite that allows our agents to easily manage these areas of their business so they can do what they do best: serve clients, close deals and generate leads.
Ongoing Development & Community
Our goal is to empower our agents to become the best versions of themselves - for their clients, their bottom line and their families. We offer training, development and coaching referral support geared to optimize you into the more successful, future version of yourself.
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The FairLead Difference Means
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Why We Support the
100% Commission Model
The national average and traditional brokerage model splits commission as steeply as 50/50 between the sponsoring broker and the agent. This model served a purpose once upon a time, but with the advent of modern technology, marketing and an emphasis on trusting the person you do business with, it has become outdated.

What’s the difference between FairLead and this out-of-date model? That 50% difference. A $5,000 commission paid out under the traditional model doubles to $10,000 at FairLead.

The catch? There is none. Why? Because we value choice and transparency at FairLead, offering a simple monthly membership with no hidden fees whatsoever to empower you to maximize your bottom line. This is our promise to you.
With three membership options to choose from and no hidden fees of any kind – and we mean none – we have a plan to meet the unique needs of your and your business.

Whether you’re a new agent on the rise looking to break out of the rental market, or an established agent in search of a better place to hang your license, we have a plan that will work for you.

Your clients hire you, not your brokerage. And now it’s time for your take home to reflect that.
At FairLead, we understand that the best technology suite for real estate professionals is the one that’s easiest for them to use on a daily basis to organize and grow their business. Launch listings, access forms, communicate with clients, send targeted emails, market and track listing activity. Our platform was designed with our agent’s experience in mind.
In addition to offering 24/7 support to our agents, FairLead’s founding office in Miami Beach offers the ability to conduct business and network with like-minded agents whenever and however often you want.
The FairLead Difference

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Dedicated Agent Support Team

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No Long-Term Contracts

Virtual Office

100% Commission Payout On ALL Deals

E&O Insurance Included

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Low Monthly Cost for 100% Commission

NO Desk Fees

NO Transaction Fees

NO Hidden Fees

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